2017 Directions
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Champlain bridge

  1. Take autoroute 10 east. Exit autoroute 30 east direction of Sorel Tracy
  2. Take exit #73 (route 112 east; boul. Cousineau/Ville de Chambly
  3. Drive approximately 10 km / 5 lights
  4. Immediately upon entering the City of Chambly turn left on rue Daigneault (Synergie Elite on the corner).
  5. Turn left at the stop sign corner of Martel Street. Le Carignan will be 4 buildings after the stop  

Hippolyte Lafontaine

  1. Autoroute 20 east, exit autoroute 30 west direction Chateauguay/Brossard
  2. Follow the driving instructions above (Champlain bridge Lines 2 -3 -4 -5)

Autoroute 10 direction west

  1. Exit Chambly direction Chambly , Continue onto Boulevard Frechette.
  2. Continue on Frechette right to the end. At the stop sign /intersection, rue Bourgogne turn left.
  3. Turn right onto Martel Street at the 4 point traffic circle
  4. After stopping, continue driving straight past the Daigneault corner.
  5.  Le Carignan course will be on your left (approximately 4 buildings past the corner)